What You Need To Know About Frankincense Essential Oil!

Frankincense essential oil has been an integral natural remedy ever since Ancient Egyptian times. During those days, the oil was used for diverse medicinal reasons. Today, it is used for way more reasons than that. Frankincense oil benefits for skin is one prime reason among all others. 

Frankincense essential oil comes from Boswellia tree resins, mostly found in Africa, the Middle East and India. The oil exhibits a soothing fragrance that may be effective in relaxation and piousness. So, individuals looking to attain a sense of calmness can reap its goodness consistently. 

Here’s more on Frankincense essential oil for your reference. 

What Is Frankincense Essential Oil?

Frankincense is a form of resin that is procured from the Boswellia tree, as mentioned above. Its oil is mostly used in Aromatherapy and on the skin. It may also be known to combat certain fungi and bacteria. Wound healing and preventing skin aging are also certain types of uses this essential oil can provide. Tap on the link to learn more about the benefits of Frankincense oil for skin.

Frankincense is often known as the “King Of Oils.” This is due to the versatility that it has to offer. Its essential oil is even more useful in a number of ways.

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The History Of Frankincense

Frankincense has been in use for more than 5,000 years now. It was initially traded in parts of North Africa, Somalia and the Arabian Peninsula. Since then, it has been an integral part of the spiritual history and economy of the globe. We have also already spoken about how Ancient Egyptians primarily used Frankincense. In fact, a mural that is present in Queen Hatshepsut’s temple also features some signs of Frankincense used there. The mention of it in the Bible also makes it evident that Frankincense is quite a well-used essential oil of its time. But this is not all. 

Frankincense symbolizes righteousness and holiness. According to the Bible, Frankincense was gifted to Jesus, and thus it is also a part of important rituals both spiritually and religiously. So, it is evident that the oil is very useful. 

It is also believed that the Roman Emperor, Nero, set a whole year’s production of Frankincense on fire. This caused a drastic concern in the economy of Frankincense in the specific region. There is also mention of Frankincense in the Middle Ages, wherein the Franks made considerable use of Frankincense in the Western part of Europe. 

Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil

1. Aromatherapy Massage Oil 

Frankincense essential oil has been used in Aromatherapy sessions time and again. This helps improve concentration and boosts mood along with motivation on time. If you wish, you can easily inhale it and remain calm throughout the day. 

2. Candle & Soap Making 

Frankincense essential oil features a rich woody and earthy fragrance. This makes it ideal for the use of candle and soap making. When used in candles, it can effectively help eradicate foul smells quickly. Even today, scented candles made of Frankincense essential oil are quite popular in many parts of the globe. You could use it too for its potential effects. 

3. Clear Skin 

Frankincense essential oil is famous for helping provide clear skin. With a few drops of oil on your skin daily, it could show healing signs for your cracked skin on time. It could also be used for dark spots, stretch marks, acne and scars. Use it by gently circulating it across your skin and massaging it until the skin absorbs its goodness. The results will be visible if you continue to use it consistently. 

4. DIY Fragrances 

Did you know you could also create your own fragrance with Frankincense essential oil at home? The process is not only simple, instant and effective but also very thrilling. All you need is a few drops of this essential oil in your bathtub. It will help you have a relaxing bathing experience that will make you use it all over again. You could also recommend this trick to your loved ones so they can enjoy the same experience as yours.

5. Smooth Hands 

Your hands can become rough if you constantly conduct household chores or deal with rough products. But did you know that Frankincense essential oil can help you get rid of this roughness and give you smooth hands in no time? Using a few drops of this oil consistently and massaging your hands with them can render soft and smooth hands that will make you feel moisturized like never before. So, you need not be worried or hesitant whether you are shaking hands with someone or wearing anything that exposes your hands. 

6. Soft Toenails & Fingernails 

Applying some drops of Frankincense essential oil on your toenails & fingernails can help render softness. It can help you to maintain great shine and look younger with minimal effort. This way, you can also feel more hydrated and moisturized and avoid problems of roughness and dryness without any worries. 

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Worth A Purchase?

Essential oils are packed with a variety of goodness for your skin, hair and overall health. They are also useful for helping purify your home and elevating your mood. The same is the case with Frankincense essential oil, like any other useful essential oil. In fact, the oil is also organic and provides minimal side effects. That is why we recommend you purchase it and experience its goodness as per your requirement. However, consult with a medical provider before using Frankincense essential oil for any severe health problem. Although the oil is quite safe to use, consulting a medical provider about it prior to using it can reduce any complications in the long run. 

Ending Note 

Use the potential benefits of Frankincense essential oil today to experience the results for yourself. Make sure you buy the highest quality of this essential oil for instant results. Also, remember to purchase it from a reliable store, whether you buy it online or offline. Rest is good to go!