What you need to know about Violent Crime in New York?

Violent crimes carry some of the most serious penalties under the New York state law.

If a person harms or threatens to harm another person physically it could be considered a violent crime. Punishment may include life imprisonment without a possibility of parole. If you are in a situation where you could be convicted of a violent crime you need a strong team of criminal defense lawyers near Bath, NY to represent the case.

In many cases, conviction leads to a lengthy imprisonment. However the person facing the charge has constitutional rights to seek defense.

What do attorneys check in the first place to churn out flaws from prosecution?

1) Check for an illegal arrest- Understands if the arrest is legal in the first place.

2) Mistaken identity or incorrect suspect

3) False witness review

4) Fabricated evidence

5) Incorrect forensic testing

6) Social bias

There are potential defenses on the violent crime charge. Some mentioned below:

-Self defense against an attack

-Mental issues 

-Lack or No intent to harm

-Heat of a moment

Hence if the crime is committed under above conditions, the investigation and research needs to be at par to prove it.

What are some Violent Crime cases?



-Aggravated Assault


-Improper conduct

-Domestic Violence

-Terroristic Threats

-Illegal Weapon offense

Under New York law, depending upon the charges you are facing, the punushmen’t can differ.

Some crimes such as murder or kidnapping have a clearly defined punishments. An example of a punishment is life imprisonment where you are not eligible for the consideration of parole until 85% of the sentence has been served. 

How is punishment decided?

There are various factors that go into the deciding of the punishment for the crime which has been committed. For example, aggravated assault can be charged in increasing levels as seen below:

-First Degree charges

-Second Degree charges

-Third Degree charges

-Fourth Degree charges

Depending on the severity of the crime committed, the accused may face imprisonment, a fine restraining etc.  

What are the characteristics of a good attorney?

-An experienced attorney gets the required details of the case and proposes the best possible plea bargain.

-The law firm should carry a team of highly experienced members who can do extensive research and support the case.

-Should have a good courtroom experience which helps the court to make the best possible decision.

-Should have a professional relationship which will help to negotiate the plea in the best possible direction.


A Violent crime causes trauma to both the parties involved. The suffering party is always at an upper edge in the court in spite of the conditions under which the crime is conducted. A lawyer with years of experience and expertise will help in guiding the case in the right direction.