Why Should You See A Doctor For Ptosis Eyelid

You must have come across people with a trace of sleepiness on their eyes no matter at what of the day you meet them. More often, such people may have eyelids covering their pupils. Typically, people with ptosis eyelid [หนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai] may have one of their eyelids droop. However, both the eyelids may droop causing a vision problem. If you suffer from a similar problem, you may have to tilt your head back or lift the chin better to view everything with ease. Due to improper movement of the head and neck, you may suffer from additional problems.

Causes of ptosis

You may get ptosis when the muscles responsible for lifting the eyelid may stretch or weaken over time. The weaker and more slackened the levator muscle, the higher is the propensity of the eyelids appearing closed or half closed all the time. However, aging is not the only problem causing ptosis and several other medical conditions, such as nerve damage or injury in the eye can cause similar trouble. Even babies may be born with ptosis when the levator muscle does not open properly. If you have ptosis, the eyelid may cover a part or your entire eyes. You need to visit an eye specialist and surgeon to correct the functioning of the levator muscles and aid in the opening of the eyelids.


Diagnosis of the problem

The eye specialist you visit may need to perform a physical exam and inquire your medical history. Furthermore, they may also ask you to undergo specific tests to find the cause. Once the examination of the eyes are over,  the doctor may wait and watch to figure out the chances of improved levator muscle strength but if nothing works, you may have to undergo a minor surgery. Especially when the eyelid blocks your vision, you may have to undergo treatment to improve the vision.