5 Reasons You Should Consider Visiting a Spine Specialist- Dr. Jeff Pan

When most persons hear about spinal conditions, they relate them to back pains and aches. However, this is far from reality. Your spine’s bones cushion your spinal cord, which delivers nerve signals to every region of your body. As a result, spinal injuries and deformities are associated with more than simply back discomfort. According to Jeff Pan M.D., a neurosurgeon and spine specialist in Edison, NJ, back trauma and other spinal problems could trigger an extensive range of symptoms, including those you might not reckon. Therefore, do not delay reaching out to a spine specialist if you observe one or more of these five concerns.

1)      You Experience Numbness or Weakness in Your Extremities

Tingling, weakness, or numbness in your feet, legs, arms, or hands may point out there is an issue with your spine along your lower back. Common reasons for these issues include bone spurs, herniated discs, or constricting of the gap between the spinal canal, also known as spinal stenosis. Based on the underlying concerns, these symptoms may fade away with time. Nonetheless, visiting a spine specialist is the best way to get to the bottom of your problem and access the best treatment solutions.

2)      You Observe Shifts in The Agility of Your Hands and Fingers

The vertebrae in your neck and upper back connect your spine to your fingers, hands, and arms. Therefore, any changes in this region can affect your capability to perform tasks requiring your hands. Even simple shifts such as changing handwriting or experiencing difficulties with your zippers or buttons can reduce agility. Considering that these concerns can stem from multiple spinal conditions, it is best to see a spine specialist. Your doctor will employ advanced imaging solutions, including CT and MRI scans, to identify the root concern.

3)      You Have Chronic Pain in Your Back or Neck

Even though not all spinal issues generate discomfort in the damaged or injured area, some do. Typical spinal conditions that may be to blame for the discomfort in your back or neck include slipped discs, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. However, as with many other concerns, neck and back pain could have issues that extend beyond your spinal columns, such as strains in your ligaments and muscles. Your spine specialist can recommend physical therapy and other reconstructive procedures to address any spinal-related issue that may be triggering your symptoms.

4)      You Realize a Change in The Positioning of Your Spine or Shoulder

When most persons think about scoliosis or spine misalignment, they associate the condition with spinal screenings they had as children, at school, or during typical pediatric visits. Unfortunately, while scoliosis is widespread in young persons, it may also occur later on because of arthritis and other degenerative back problems.

Scoliosis is mainly described by the S-shaped curvature of your vertebrae, which often causes hip, shoulder, and waist misalignment. In some cases, it could also result in a ‘humped-back’ appearance. Based on the extent of your condition, your spine specialist can correct your misalignment with conservative procedures or surgery.

5)      You Have Issues with Bladder or Bowel Function

If you experience numbness or tingling in your groin area and cannot go to the restroom properly, you may have cauda equina syndrome. This syndrome happens whenever the nerves near the base of your spinal column are compressed. While this concern is uncommon, it is critical to pursue treatment as soon as possible, particularly if it is a new concern. If not treated promptly, cauda equina syndrome might result in lasting harm.

Have you experienced any of the concerns mentioned above? If so, you might have a spinal disorder. Unlike common belief, having a spinal condition does not automatically mean that you will need surgery to correct the issue. Dr. Jeff Pan is well-versed in surgical and non-surgical techniques to address spine-related concerns. For comprehensive diagnosis and tailored treatment, arrange an appointment today through mobile or book online.