7 Most-Recommended and Safest Essential Oils for Kids

The best medications and health fads come and go but essential oils care to stay. Distilled from the natural sources, precisely the different parts of plants, these organic essences have been used reliably and tremendously in medicines since ancient times. 

Essential oils are the key ingredient of Aromatherapy, which helps promote physical as well as emotional well-being. From healing the burns and soothing skin to relaxing the mind, aromatic plant extracts have many uses. 

Though, whether these oils are safe for kids or not is still a question in debate. Many use these oils to encourage sleep and relieve symptoms of colic in babies older than 3 months. 

Each has its own benefits, so choose wisely. Moreover, while some can be applied topically, others are deemed safe when used properly and in moderation. In such cases, follow the correct dilution ratio and applications.

Having read that, let’s move on to the top 7 young living essential oils that are safe for your kids.


Both German and Roman are gentle essential oils that help babies have a sound sleep. Its naturally soothing effects are used to treat insomnia in babies as well as adults. Apart from that, if your offspring is mostly fussy, this is what you need. 

Distilled Lemon

Uplifting a fussy and annoyed baby is a neck-wracking job. But with distilled lemon essential oil, every kid can feel energetic and cheered up all again. Avoid expressed lemons for babies because they are potential photosensitizers. Furthermore, parents can also let its aroma arouse a post-nap wake-up call as well. 


This calming and antispasmodic scent, Dill, helps soothe indigestion. But be cautious with its intake and dilute dill in a ratio of 1 drop per teaspoon of carrier oil. Then, just blend thoroughly before massaging it gently over the skin.


A natural expectorant, eucalyptus helps unclog respiratory congestion. It is every parent’s favorite during the cold winter months. Only Eucalyptus species should be considered for children as Eucalyptus globulus is specified for adults.


Popularly known and used for its calming and sedative effects, lavender oil helps relax a fussy baby and send him/her to sleep. You can also use it on insect bites to mitigate the itchiness. 


Similar to Lavender, Mandarin is a great night-time alternative for kids who are irritated by the scent of Lavender. It emits a sweet scent that is favorable for children because it is not phototoxic.

Tea Tree

The natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and disinfectant properties of tea tree essence make it a preferred essential oil for babies. It can help with diaper rashes and fungal infections. But make sure you do a meticulous patch-test on older infants before using it as it is a stronger essence. 


When used on the skin of babies, it must be diluted with a carrier oil or cream. For babies older than 3 months, a safe dilution ratio is 0.5 to 1 percent. Since these oils can be too harsh on kids, avoid using them on infants under 3 months old as they have more sensitive skin than adults. Lastly, a patch test is recommended with each new oil introduced as some can cause skin irritations and sun sensitivity. 

Talk to a Doctor

In case you see a reaction or no improvement, consult a doctor. Some professionals ask parents to avoid the use of essential oils for their babies with certain medical conditions or medications. Of course, your baby’s health comes first no matter what, therefore, it is always wise to check with their doctor before applying these therapeutic oils to your offspring. Lastly, pregnant women should also avoid their use unless their gynecologist approves of them.