Benefits of Visiting a Wellness and Aesthetic Facility

Visiting a regular spa might be cheap, but will you receive all the desired services in the regular spa? You might not get all the treatments in the regular spa as most don’t adopt innovative technology, tools, and treatments like wellness and aesthetic spas. However, with¬† Phipps Health and Wellness,¬† you can be assured of quality services under one roof. It is thus advisable that you visit a wellness and aesthetic clinic as they offer nutritional supplements which are important for your health. They may deal with the impacts of menopause and correct hormonal changes. Here are reasons you should visit a wellness center.

IV Nutritional Supplements

Although IV nutritional supplements were meant for sick patients, you can benefit from them as they are energy-boosting. Moreover, the IV delivers nutrients that could be difficult to absorb from the bloodstream. Patients dealing with illnesses such as cancer could benefit from IV supplements to counter the effect of the cancer treatments. Additionally, the IV might be ideal for older adults who need a boost of vitamins and minerals which improve bodily functions.

Hormone Therapy

Women might experience hormonal shifts and changes at menopause when their reproductive health declines. Menopause might indicate the end of the child-bearing years, but it comes with many discomforts, such as excessive sweating, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. These changes might affect a woman’s life immensely, but they could opt for hormone therapy which replaces the declining hormones in the body. However, your doctor will map your hormones to determine if you need hormone therapy at menopause.


You might embrace the aging signs but opt for anti-aging treatments if you don’t feel comfortable with the aging signs. Anti-aging treatments such as dermal fillers, Botox, and skin care routines might improve your appearance. Although regular spas might offer skincare routines to deal with aging, they may not offer minimally invasive cosmetic procedures which reverse the signs of aging. Procedures such as a facelift might eradicate the turkey neck and smoothen all the wrinkles on the face leading to youthfulness.

Managing Lifestyle Conditions

Diabetes and cardiovascular issues are lifestyle conditions that could be deadly without proper management. The management of the conditions involves taking medications and lifestyle changes such as exercises, dieting, and weight loss. However, the medical spas will guide the best management routines through medically guided practices. Moreover, they will determine if the medications which manage the conditions are effective and request a change of medications whenever possible.

They Offer Medical Marijuana

Although marijuana might be illegal in some states, you can get medical marijuana in states that accept the drug’s use for medicinal purposes. The wellness facility will guide you on consuming medical marijuana to avoid intoxication.

You should consider visiting a wellness and aesthetic clinic over the regular spas, as they offer IV treatments. The IV treatments offer supplements and vitamins your body needs, which would be ideal for older people. Moreover, these facilities lead to better lifestyle management, which could be delayed without proper care. They may offer medical marijuana to deal with chronic pain and symptoms of diseases such as cancer. You may enjoy effective weight loss results when choosing a wellness center that understands your needs.