Essential Facts About low back pain During Pregnancy

It is interesting how women carry a pregnancy to term and undergo significant bodily changes. During this process, a woman with chronic low back pain experiences increased low back pain. Also, if you do not have any history of back pain, you can develop the condition because of the pregnancy. The good thing about the low back pain during pregnancy is that it lessens as you near delivery or after giving birth. However, if you are looking for relief, you can visit Pacific Sports and Spine Center, where you will find a specialist in low back pain Eugene. You will learn more about low back pain during pregnancy in this article.

Major Causes of the Pain during Pregnancy

A woman’s body during pregnancy undergoes extensive modification to allow the baby to develop to term. The modifications affect the muscles and bones around your abdomen, and you can experience exacerbating pain. The following are the possible causes of your back pain during pregnancy;

  • Adding weight causes your body frame to bear excess weight. As the baby grows, you increase in weight, and also hormones can trigger excess weight gain. The excess weight causes pressure on the blood vessels and nerves around your back and pelvis, which results in pain.
  • Pregnancy changes how you hold your body while standing or sitting. For instance, you will realize that your center of gravity shifts because of changes in posture, and eventually, you experience pain in your lower back.
  • Hormones during pregnancy and especially towards delivery cause your ligaments to relax. The ligaments around your pelvic and spine also loosen, and you might experience instability and pain.
  • Muscle separation during the birth process also causes your lower back because they have to facilitate the expansion of your uterus.
  • Stress during pregnancy interferes with your mood and emotions, and your back.

Measures To Relieve The Pain

Since pregnancy makes you vulnerable as you are not only safeguarding your life but also that of the fetus, treatment of back pain becomes limited. It would help if you talked to your physician about dealing with the pain before undertaking any form of therapy. Some of the helpful therapies include;

  • Exercises

The exercises that increase the strength of your muscles can go a long way in reducing your pain. For instance, you can take routine walks in the morning or evening.

  • Heat and Cold Compression

You will also need extra care when doing the heat and cold compressions to ease back pain. For instance, you should avoid the abdomen when performing compression.

  • Maintain Correct Posture

Most often, if you are pregnant, you can find that you want to slouch when sitting. It would help if you used pillows to hoist yourself and put a pillow between your legs to ease the pressure on your back while sleeping.

If your pain persists despite the therapies, you should see a doctor. At the Pacific Sports and Spine, a team of experts committed to relieving the discomfort caused by the pain will take care of you. Therefore book your appointment today.