Key Dental issues Solved by Veneers

Did you know that the concept of veneers emerged from a film? Veneers are one of the cosmetic procedures that solve a range of dental issues. If you are afraid of the dental procedures, you can opt for this procedure because it is painless.  Tomball veneers transform your smile and look in just two consultations. The thin shells allow you to bring your dream smile to reality. You do not have to remain conscious of how your teeth appear when you talk or smile, whereas you can get the treatment. Here you will learn about the different dental conditions addressed through veneers.

  1. Cracked Teeth

If you got engaged in a fight or an accident and now have cracked teeth, you can get veneers to cover the crack. A cracked tooth can give you sleepless nights because the crack can get to the nerves. The dentist will make the veneers thick enough to cover the crack effectively.

  1. Chipped Teeth

Your teeth can chip because of ordinary wear and tear. Also, chipping can occur because of a less destructive force on your teeth due to an accident. When you have a chipped tooth, you will have increased sensitivity. Also, you might become conscious of the chipped teeth because it alters your perfect smile. Therefore, your dentist will use the veneer to cover up the chipped teeth, and you will have a perfect tooth again.

  1. Tooth Discoloration

You can consider veneers if your teeth have discolored over time because of aging, poor oral hygiene, and tobacco use. The dentist will formulate the porcelain to have a brighter color than your teeth. Also, maybe you want your tooth to become white, but no teeth whitening component seems to work. Veneers can be a way out. After you get the veneers, you will have a perfect white smile, and veneers do not discolor easily like your natural teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene allows you to enjoy white teeth for longer.

  1. Uneven Teeth

You might have one tooth that is smaller than the rest of the teeth. You can visit a dentist to correct the uneven teeth and have a veneer placed on the smaller teeth. The dentist will ensure the veneer matches the color of your natural teeth. Alternatively, the dentist can place a complete set of veneers to ensure you have the same color on each tooth.

  1. Gaps and Spaces

Do you know you can fix gaps in your teeth using dental veneers? The shells on top of your teeth cover the noticeable spaces between teeth. After the treatment, you will appreciate a perfect set of teeth.

  1. Misaligned Teeth

If you are hesitant to undergo an intensive procedure to align crooked teeth, veneers will address your problem. Though this procedure works when you have few crooked teeth, you will only get an impression of alignment.

The veneers have gained a lot of popularity over the recent years because of their capability to offer solutions to various dental issues. At Russell Family Dentistry, you get the latest porcelain veneers that are thinner and more natural. Therefore, book your appointment today and start your journey of getting a perfect smile.