Essential Tips to Prepare for Ankle Replacement

A healthy ankle is integral to your overall health and athletic performance. Ankles connect your body to the feet, giving you proper balance. In addition, this joint increases your foot’s range of movement, helping you to move around effectively. However, years of physical activity can expose this joint to wear and tear. Consequently, you will experience ankle pain that can hold your life’s quality hostage. The good news is that ankle replacement Fort Worth can help you alleviate pain by replacing damaged structures with stronger prosthetic material. If you anticipate ankle replacement, the following tips will help you prepare effectively.

Make Inquiries

This procedure could sound strange, especially if you have never sought it. However, there is nothing to worry about when the specialist is there for your rescue. List the important questions and present them to your surgeon. For example, you can ask how long the procedure will take. By getting the appropriate answer, you ease the anxiety that you could have while waiting for ankle replacement.

Organize for a Safe Ride

After the ankle replacement surgery, you can experience some discomfort in your foot. Therefore, it becomes unsafe for you to ride back home. Make driving arrangements before the procedure to reduce the chances of accidents on the road. Request your trustworthy friends or relatives to accompany you for your surgery. Your driver will also help you with the follow-up appointments after ankle replacement surgery.

Plan for Your Recovery

Like any other surgery, it will take time for you to recover after ankle replacement. Preparing for your recovery will ensure that you have a smooth healing process. For example, after the procedure, the ankle specialist will recommend that you use crutches. This way, you safeguard your feet while moving around, especially during the first two weeks. During this period, the operated foot areas heal as your body gets used to the new ankle.

Change Your Medications

Some medications can intervene with the success of ankle replacement surgery. For example, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can cause excessive bleeding during the procedure. Therefore, you should discuss with your specialist the medications that you take. Your specialist will advise you to suspend the intake of medications having potential side effects. To continue suppressing your underlying conditions, the surgeon can prescribe alternative treatments.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has many detrimental effects on the human body. For example, nicotine can restrict the blood flow to the foot area. Consequently, the operated ankle joints will not get proper nourishment, prolonging the recovery time. Therefore, if you are a smoker, it would help to stop this habit for at least three months before ankle replacement. Steering away from cigarette smoking altogether will help improve your overall health.

Do you have an injured ankle that holds you from doing your everyday activities? Worry no more since ankle replacement surgery can offer effective pain relief. Just like any other procedure, it is good to prepare for ankle replacement to reap maximum benefits. For example, you should list important questions to know what to expect during the procedure. You should also discuss your medications with the specialist to avoid the medications that can inhibit the success of the ankle replacement. Quitting cigarette smoking will also boost your recovery after the procedure.