Everything You Need To Know About Flat Feet

The feet is the basic foundation of the human body, so a misalignment may affect the way you balance the body or even result in injuries. Among the commonest causes of foot pain is flat foot or fallen arches. Flat feet may also lead to pain in the foot and ankle and may begin in childhood when the feet do not develop adequately. Some people may be prone to get flat feet due to genetic reasons. Family genetics is one of the major reasons to get flat feet and you will know it as soon as you compare the grandparents’ or parents’ feet. Some of the other causes of flat feet are ruptured tendon, pregnancy, diabetes, and arthritis.

Confirmation of flat feet

There are various indicators of flat feet [ภาวะ เท้า แบน, which is the term in Thai] but one of the most prominent indicators of pain and discomfort in the feet, especially inside the calf or ankles or around the area of the arch. Apart from this, discomfort in the foot after standing or walking for a longtime may be another symptom to note. If you have flat feet, they may turn outward when you are standing and stationary. When you suffer from pain in the feet and legs during running or playing sports or experience a strained feeling in the hips and lower back, you need to a doctor to detect if you have flat feet. You must not wear shoes with uneven texture at the bottom as it may lead to flat feet.

Flat feet and health

Many people with flat feet may experience health problems such as foot pain as the fallen arches fail to provide support to your feet. Apart from this, people with flat feet are more likely to develop a condition called plantar fasciitis as the tendons often become overstretched. As the feet are the basic support structure of your body, flat feet may also cause misalignment of the spine and cause trouble.