Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You might have heard of the Laser Hair Removal but not quite sure how long you have to go for the services. Yes, it is true that you don’t have to head for laser treatment once in every month much like with waxing or threading. But, you will definitely need more than one session for permanent hair loss. Well, some recent studies have shown that most patients will have the permanent hair loss after going for an average of 3 to 7 sessions. So, learning about that point is of utmost necessity. It will help you to know what you want the best.

Preparing for the Laser Hair Removal:

The task of Laser Hair Removal [กํา จัด ขน ถาวร, which is the term in Thai] is more like zapping the unwanted hair follicles. It is targeted to be a medical process that needs training to perform well. It might carry potential risk, therefore; must be performed under expert guidance all the way. Before getting the laser hair removed, you better check out for the credentials of technician or the doctor, who will be performing the task on your skin. After all, it is your skin that you are dealing with. So, getting best help over here is mandatory.

Limitations to follow:

If you are making plans to go for Laser Hair Removal, then you better limit waxing, plucking and electrolysis for a period of 6 weeks before the final treatment. It is mainly because the laser will target the roots of the hair, which will be removed temporarily through waxing or threading. On the other hand, you must avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 6 weeks, before and after treatment. It will make laser hair removal less effective and will result in complications after treatment. So, follow these norms and enjoy the best Laser Hair Removal treatments from experts.