Facial Plastic Procedures and What They Involve

Changes to your facial appearance do not always have to be for cosmetic reasons. Accidents, injuries, or congenital disabilities can also need cosmetic procedures to restore or improve how your face looks. The emergence and spread of the cosmetic industry have encouraged these procedures’ effectiveness and improved results. Dr. Mathew W. Shawl is a renowned plastic surgeon with vast expertise and experience in his field. More about what facial plastic procedures he does is explained in detail below.

What are Facial Plastic Procedures?

Facial plastic surgery involves reconstructive and cosmetic operations done to fix issues around your neck and head. This involves a facial plastic surgeon with training and skills in facial anatomy and the procedures involved.

Some of the standard procedures performed include:


Rhinoplasty involves your surgeon reshaping your nose to enhance breathing and your looks. This can include reshaping the tip of your nose and reducing the bony part at the upper part of your nose.

It is done when tiny cuts are made inside your nostrils to hide them. This procedure can not be done on patients below fifteen years to allow the bone and cartilage of the nose to grow fully.


Eyelid surgery aims to reshape your eyelids. There can be bags on your lower lids or hooding or drooping on the upper lids due to sagging of skin with age. Excess fat and skin are repositioned or eliminated while reinforcing the surrounding tendons and muscles. Surgery involves tightening the skin or reshaping your face.


A facelift is done to tighten facial skin and eliminate wrinkles for a more youthful look. An incision is made behind and in front of the ears and from the forehead to the hairline. The skin is lifted, refitted more tightly, and the excess skin is eliminated. The incisions are then closed. The deeper tissues of your neck or face can also be tightened. This surgery can be done simultaneously with eyelid surgery.

Ear surgery

This operation fixes misshapen or prominent ears by pinning the ears surgically closer to the head while reshaping the cartilage. The operation can be done on children after age six as the ears have fully formed.

Chin augmentation

This procedure is done to give a better balance of facial features while highlighting the chin. It can be done together with nose surgery, depending on the treatment plan. This is achieved through chin bone manipulation or via a prosthetic implant.

Brow lift

This forehead lift eliminates aging signs by removing worry lines and raising drooping eyebrows. To give a balanced facial appearance, it is done simultaneously with other cosmetic facial procedures.


This widespread treatment involves introducing a toxin beneath your skin to block nerve signals from getting to the affected muscles. This tightens muscles to deal with facial creases and wrinkles.

Multiple procedures are available to deal with most facial issues, whether for cosmetic reasons or functionality. These procedures have been around for some time and can be relied upon. For any facial plastic procedures inquiries, visit us online, or call our offices in Union Square, NY.