Reasons to Get Invisalign

Do you have crooked and misaligned teeth affecting your confidence and thinking about getting aligners? Most people will shy away from braces and other conspicuous aligners in adulthood. Walking with the regular braces may attract unnecessary attention, but you can opt for Invisalign, which are clear aligners. A Midtown West Manhattan Invisalign dentist will customize the aligners to fit your mouth snugly, leading to better dental alignment. Moreover, they are invisible and would make it easier to interact with people without worrying about them. Other people will not know about the aligners unless you tell them; here is why you may opt for Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign Are Convenient

The aligners are easy to remove and come with a storage case, making them very convenient. Therefore you can remove them when eating or cleaning the teeth while maintaining the 22 hours daily needed for proper alignment. You can continue eating the hard food when aligning the teeth, making it easy to meet your dietary needs. Furthermore, they are less painful than the traditional braces, which require frequent tightening. You may not need to book an appointment with the dentist as they provide trays that you can change. The Invisalign fits the mouth well and restores proper alignment with each subsequent tray change.

They Pose Less Health Problems

Braces lead to calcium deposits between the teeth due to the metallic brace connecting the aligners. However, Invisalign is plastic and will not affect the teeth’s health; thus, you can avoid the chances of harmful deposits. You might not remove the braces when cleaning the teeth daily, and they can trap food particles, leading to bacterial growth and gum disease. The clear aligners don’t trap the food as you remove them when eating and brush and floss before placing the trays back into the teeth.

They Cut Down the Treatment Period

You may wait a long time to align the teeth with braces, but the aligners can align them within six months or less, depending on the condition of the teeth. The clear aligners move all the teeth on the jaw arch simultaneously, but the aligners move one tooth at a time. Thus, you can get the desired results quickly if you choose the Invisalign aligners.

They Are Easy Install

The Invisalign aligners are easy to install, unlike the braces, which require a minimally invasive procedure to insert into the jaw; you may sit for an extended time in the dentist’s office when getting the braces. On the other hand, the dentist will use 3D scanning to form a mold of the aligners for the teeth; thus, Invisalign aligner installation is safe and comfortable.

They Promote Better Oral Care

When aligning the teeth using braces, people might be prone to oral health issues like gum diseases and gingivitis. The oral issues happen as it is hard to clean the braces in the mouth and trap food particles. On the other hand, you can clean and disinfect the Invisalign trays and practice better oral health care when aligning the teeth.

Misaligned teeth can reduce self-esteem but align with braces in adulthood seems to be an issue for many. Fortunately, you can opt for the Invisalign aligners, which are less conspicuous, promote better oral care, align the teeth within a short time, and pose no health concern.