Five Facts About Hemorrhoids Treatment

You may experience conditions that you find hard to seek treatment since they occur in sensitive areas. Hemorrhoids affect many people, but the majority will stay for long without seeking treatment since they either lack awareness or are shy to speak out. They appear in the lower rectum area and are usually painless though they may lead to extreme discomfort and sometimes bleeding. If you are experiencing this condition and do not know what to do, Dr. Ven Kottapalli Lima is the expert who will give you a long-lasting solution. The doctor has extensive experience treating hemorrhoids and ensuring you are safe and free from discomfort. You do not have to shy away from seeking treatment as GI Physicians Inc. has you covered. Here are some facts about hemorrhoids that you should know before booking your appointment.

A High Number Suffers from Hemorrhoids

Many people suffer from this disease, but they keep it to themselves since they fear embarrassment. It is common, and many people have suffered without seeking treatment. The condition is prevalent in adults, and they struggle before getting the proper treatment. The disease is familiar to people above 30 years

Hemorrhoids Affect All Genders

The disease affects men and women equally. However, women will experience the disease sooner than men since they experience more pressure during pregnancy on the abdomen, which may trigger the condition causing swollen veins.

Low Fiber Intake Will Likely Lead to Hemorrhoids

The highest leading cause of hemorrhoids is eating food rich in low fiber. They will lead to constipation which leads to hemorrhoids. Other risk factors include high alcohol intake and lack of physical activities that weaken your rectum lining.

The Symptom Will Worsen with Time

The condition starts small then continues to escalate with time. The pain is embarrassing, and most people will not seek treatment since they do not know how to begin the conversation. But if left untreated, the pain continues to grow and may even protrude from the anus. It is advisable to seek medical help to prevent the growing pain and more suffering.

The Condition Is Treatable

Once you note the symptoms, it is essential to seek medical attention from a specialist before the condition worsens. You will be able to get treatment and prevent any further damage, including bleeding due to bursting of the veins. The doctor will also recommend the measures you should take to avoid the condition and relieve the pain in case of any.

Nothing can be too embarrassing than having pain down there. People have suffered in silence since seeking treatment is an awkward affair to some. However, the best thing is to make a choice and go for the treatment to avoid further complications. At GI Physicians Inc., the team is experienced in handling hemorrhoid disease to ensure you have a healthy life. They care about your well-being and give you the best treatment, including counseling to ensure you are comfortable getting the treatment. Do not shy away from seeking treatment since this may be your turning point. You can start by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.