Get to Know More About Primary Care

At times we lack answers to some medical care at our disposal and end up falling into the wrong hands due to desperation. Information is power, so they say, and we all need to know where to turn to should one need treatment at a personalized level. Greensboro emergency medicine is the answer to this unsolved puzzle, and we, therefore, need to know what it is and the services they offer.

What is primary care?

Primary care is personalized, high-quality care that provides urgent care facilities and physical exams. Patients have access to labs and other tests.

What services are offered for primary care?

Medical weight loss. Medical obesity leads to an increased risk of diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and depression, thus the need to seek treatment if one is overweight. There are three main components to medical weight loss, namely;

Initial consultation; the doctor discusses with the client on the ideal weight and creates a plan to help achieve the weight.

Behavior modification. Changing one’s behavior is the best way to lose weight.

Diet. The doctor recommends a healthy diet plan that includes foods that promote weight loss and eating schedules that help the body burn the extra calories.

Exercise. The doctor recommends various workouts that help to burn energy.

Weight loss medications. The doctor may prescribe some medication alongside other methods like exercising to achieve weight loss.

Occupational medicine. Puts focus on the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. A preventive health program that includes the following should be developed; nutrition coaching, weight loss coaching, health coaching, fitness programs, and health risk assessments.

Addiction treatment. The treatment program offers individual or group therapy sessions and focuses on understanding the nature of addiction, becoming drug-free, and preventing relapse. Saliva is the most tested sample in drug abuse screening.

Covid-19 test. The test aims to identify those with the virus and start the treatment alongside contact tracing to prevent the minimized spread of the virus.

Labs, testing& x-rays. It is involves testing samples of blood, urine, and other body substances to diagnose, treat or monitor disease.

Physical exams. It involves a routine test to check the overall health. It includes tests like blood pressure, checking pulse rate, temperature, breathing rate, palpation, and many more. These tests are essential to determine the status of one’s health and to give early intervention and preventive measures.

Telehealth. It entails the use of digital communication and information technologies such as mobile devices and computers to access health care services in remote areas and manage your health care. The advantage of telehealth is that it is cost-saving, convenient, and can provide services to those with mobility problems where there is no access to clinics. Some diseases are highly contagious; thus, telehealth prevents more infections as people come in contact.

Due to the tight schedule of work and the many deadlines that have to be met, one can neglect their health, but the good news is that it is possible to get all the medical advice thanks to the advanced level of technology. Triad primary care offers the best solutions affecting the young and the old, and should you need to know more about them, visit their website.