How Do You Benefit From Emergency Care?

Emergency care is critical in saving lives. Some life-threatening or severe conditions may not wait for normal office hours or appointments. Immediate care is appropriate to lower the risk of death and provide timely treatments. Sugar Land emergency room gives you access to emergency care 24/7 to promote and restore your health. The specialists in emergency care understand the need and the importance of emergency services, helping you achieve your normal health state. Here, you will learn more about the emergency services available at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital.

What to expect

The St. Michael’s Elite Hospital team provides excellent care for different medical conditions in the shortest time possible. You can expect to get immediate medical care for your medical situation in less than 5 minutes.

The practice has a modern design with nice flat screen Tvs, DVD players, soft lighting with sport-themed rooms to allow patients to relax while getting their treatments. They also have an onsite lab with various diagnostic tests that may help diagnose and treat different emergency cases.

Why should you choose an emergency room compared to a hospital?

You can expect the following benefits by choosing the emergency room at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital.

  •         Short wait times, 5 minutes or less
  •         The comfortable waiting room and family areas
  •         Private examination rooms with flatscreens to help you relax

You can expect affordable care at St. Michael, Elite, unlike the exaggerated charges in hospitals. The emergency room is fast and reliable at all times, including the wee hours, unlike the normal hospital.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID cases have gone up over some time. The team at St. Michael Elite provides exclusive care for COVID-19 and testing. They provide an immediate COVID test to rule out negative or positive.

Dealing with COVID-19 emergencies

The emergency health providers offer extensive care when you have or show emergency covid symptoms, such as

  •         Trouble breathing
  •         New confusion
  •         Persistent pain in the chest
  •         Bluish lips or face

The team uses rapid testing to detect the COVID-19 virus. The test that occurs in the form of a nasal swab takes only 15 minutes.

They have an in-patient hospitalization for patients with severe cases where they provide high-quality in-patient care.

What are the benefits of an emergency room?

Visiting emergency rooms have provided you with a lot of benefits such as

  •         Faster service without delay
  •         Comfortable and germ-free waiting zones
  •         Emergencies are unpredictable; hence they can happen anytime, any day. Emergency rooms are open 24/7, allowing access to emergency care all year round.
  •         Emergency care specialists have years of experience handling different emergency cases.

An emergency may arise from different issues, including accidents, sports injuries, sudden illnesses, among others. Having a reliable emergency care provider can help decrease the risk of endangering your life. Emergency care saves time to wait on a medical provider at a hospital, saving lives. St. Michaels Elite provides comprehensive immediate care within 5 minutes in any medical emergency. Call the office for a consultation today or book an online appointment.