What is the Significance of Crowns and Bridges?

The significance of crowns and bridges is that they both help restore teeth to their natural state. A crown is a dental restoration covering an entire tooth, while a bridge spans the space left by one or more missing teeth. In Richmond, VA, similarly to other places, crowns and bridges are often used together because it’s difficult to replace just one tooth with a bridge. The Richmond crowns and bridges specialists will want to place the new tooth next to its neighboring teeth for strength, which means you’ll need some covering over those adjacent teeth as well.

Covering of Dental Implants

Another use for crowns and bridges is covering dental implants. Dental implants are like tooth roots made of titanium, which get inserted directly into the jawbone to form a solid foundation for artificial teeth. Crowns and bridges can give the appearance of natural teeth over these sharp metal posts and provide stability and strength. 

Replacing missing teeth is one of the most important benefits of dental implants. A person with implants doesn’t have to worry about how their teeth look because they can smile with confidence, knowing that it looks like natural teeth are growing in their mouth again.

Crowns on Natural Teeth

Crowns are used for two main reasons: protecting teeth and improving their appearance. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, there is no way to repair it in the short term fully. The dentist may fill in the cracks with dental bonding, but they cannot restore the tooth’s original strength. 

Crowns are placed over existing teeth that need cosmetic covers such as stains, gaps between teeth, and chips or cracks. A crown can change a worn down or misshapen tooth into a brand-new-looking one that looks natural again.

Protection of Decayed Teeth

Crowns and bridges may also protect a tooth with a large cavity or infection. If you have one of these teeth, the dentist will remove most of the decay and then cover the roots left behind with a crown. The crown will keep out any further bacteria from infecting the tooth and provide added strength for biting and chewing.

Crowns and Bridges – A Long-Lasting Solution

Teeth often wear down over time, which can cause them to become discolored or develop unsightly stains. This is not only an aesthetic concern, but it may also affect your overall health, so the dentist looks for ways to improve their appearance. 

Unless you are using teeth whitening products, the only way to genuinely whiten your teeth is with dental bonding or crowns and bridges. If you find that one of your teeth has become discolored, the dentist will likely recommend a crown so they can remove all stains and polish it until it looks white again.

If you want to restore your teeth or cover any gaps for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, crowns and bridges are the way to go. Crowns can also be used in place of dental implants when one tooth is missing or has been removed due to decay. Unlike other methods that involve metal posts going into your jawbone, dental implants avoid this problem by providing an artificial root system made from titanium instead. Finding competent crowns and bridges specialists is what matters.