Top Questions to Ask a Fertility Specialist Before Committing

How long have you tried to get pregnant with no success? Infertility is common and caused by a myriad of reasons. You might also be dealing with concerns such as multiple miscarriages, chronic medical conditions, history with STIs, or trying to have a baby over the age of 35 years, to mention a few considerations. In such situations, working with a fertility specialist is recommended. Infertility in Lake Mary is managed in various ways, including lifestyle changes, prescription medication, and assisted reproductive technology (ART). An infertility specialist can help you navigate the process, but only if you commit to the right service. Among the questions to ask the pro to ensure you engage the best include:

How long have you been around?

A fertility clinic that has been around for years is ideal. Nonetheless, do not just look at the years. Ask how long the medical director, doctors, technicians, and other staff have been with the clinic. Employee turnover is among the signs that show whether a clinic boasts good management or not. With a high turnover, likely, the management is not as good, leaving enough room for mistakes that can affect the service delivery. You want a reliable clinic. This is where you will not keep working with a different specialists as they leave one after the next before you make significant progress. With consistency and quality services, you will comfortably manage the concerns, helping you realize the dream of getting and keeping a pregnancy.

What solutions do you offer?

Some infertility concerns can be handled through simple measures. It might only take weight management, diet, and lifestyle changes like quitting that smoking habit. Others need medical prescriptions, while ART is necessary in some cases. Reputable fertility clinics offer various solutions. It means that ARTs will not be forced down your throat when simple lifestyle alterations could suffice. Consider the common solutions offered and how often they are recommended to establish a pattern. If the clinic only favors a particular approach, it might not be the best.

What is your process?

Does the clinic have an age limit? What are their policies on ARTs? For example, who gets to decide the number of eggs that go back to your body after fertilization? Consideration as simple as ethics should not be discounted when you choose a fertility clinic. Some are only money-hungry, exposing unsuspecting individuals to risks provided they earn. An ethical practice prioritizes your well-being, translating to productive engagement.

What are the charges?

Financial consideration might not be on top of your checklist as you look for infertility solutions. Nonetheless, it is essential to know how much it will cost. Considering the costs allows you to make the relevant financial plans. This facilitates a smooth process as you will not fall for those low rates only to get poor services or a costly option beyond your reach.

Infertility concerns can be overwhelming yet easily manageable with the right measures. Contact Christopher K Quinsey, MD, for thorough diagnostic tests and infertility treatment today. With years of experience, you will find a solution that best matches your situation, helping you manage your conception journey.