Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Bridges

Everyone desires to maintain the aesthetic taste of their smile regardless of the obstacles that come their way. However, several conditions can lead to smile imperfections, like missing teeth due to an injury or illness. When you suffer from tooth loss, the appropriate replacement option plays a significant role in maintaining and preserving your smile. In this case, coral gables dental bridges techniques are your best option to preserve your smile if you miss one or more teeth.

But why should you consider dental bridges over other dental procedures? Let’s explore why dental bridges are the right option to restore your smile.

Dental bridges prevent shifting

When you suffer from tooth loss, it’s more likely that the neighboring tooth can start moving since it lacks relevant support. This can lead to tooth shifting, affecting your eating or talking. However, dental bridges will help prevent adjacent teeth from shifting since they will hold them firmly in the right position.

They boost your overall health

Missing one or several teeth means the open gap left is susceptible to various conditions that can affect your overall health. Bacteria can enter your gums and alter your bloodstream, leading to severe cases of heart disease or worsened diabetes. However, since dental bridges assist in replacing your tooth, they cover the open gap, thus relieving the danger and safeguarding your general health.

Dental bridges help maintain your facial shape

It’s no secret that tooth loss can lead to bone loss, affecting your facial look. Dental bridges help prevent your jaw from bone loss by replacing the missing tooth or teeth. This goes in handy in maintaining your typical facial appearance.

Enhanced appearance

Damaged, missing, discolored, or stained teeth usually remove your smile’s gorgeous appearance, which can affect your self-esteem. Mainly, many think that because they only miss the teeth in the back of their mouth, no one can notice. However, people can notice your missing teeth when you chew, talk or laugh. Fortunately, dental bridges will drastically alleviate your appearance since it works to brighten your overall smile.

Offers quick solutions

While dental implants are also a great option to restore missing teeth, it fuses permanently to your jawbone, which may take much time to heal fully. This means you will have to wait longer to enjoy the results of dental implants. However, if you desire quick and substantial results, your solution is dental bridges. The entire procedure takes a couple of weeks, and this may depend on your needs. You can enjoy a brighter and more working smile within a few dental visits.

Lower initial cost

One of the leading reasons why you should choose dental bridges is the upfront cost involved in it. You cannot compare the overall price tag of a dental implant with that of a dental bridge. The price tag with a dental bridge is less, and your dental insurance may cover portions of the cost entailed in a dental implant.

Dental bridges have many benefits that will ensure you enjoy a healthy smile in the long run. Nevertheless, by the end of the day, the better way to decide whether dental bridge procedures are for you is through a consultation with a dentist. Therefore, if you have missing teeth that affect your smile, you should visit a dental expert to get your dental bridge procedure.