Veneers Are More Than a Cosmetic Enhancement

When you consider veneers, you imagine yourself flashing a dazzling, attractive, and glamorous smile. They undoubtedly have a cosmetic element that could transform your smile from dull to brilliant. Nevertheless, the aesthetic benefit of veneers is not the only reason to have them. At Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center, Marvin Taylor, DDS, and his staff recommend veneers to fix some prevalent dental concerns. Call the office or request an appointment online to explore the non-cosmetic benefits of veneers in Waterford, Michigan. 

How Do Dental Veneers Function?

Veneers are wafer-thin shells that fit over your natural teeth. Dr. Taylor individually fits each one to enhance the form and aesthetics of a single tooth or a row of teeth. With only several visits to the clinic, you could correct a single oral concern or have an entire smile makeover with your customized veneers.

The veneers’ procedure is generally painless, meaning you do not require anesthesia. Dr. Taylor precisely eliminates a thin layer of enamel, roughly the thickness of the veneer, from your tooth. After that, the veneer is placed on the tooth’s outer surface, and your doctor cements it in position with ultraviolet light to ensure a firm connection.

Following your visit, you will leave the practice with a fresh, enhanced smile.

What Are the Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Contemplate Veneers?

  •         Fix Minor Misalignments

Despite if you had braces as a youngster or have never had braces but always desired to repair somewhat misaligned teeth, veneers could be a good option. More like gapped teeth, misalignments could make it difficult to maintain cleanness.

Two overlapping teeth produce a difficult-to-floss-and-brush surface. Cavities also form best where there are overlaps. With dental veneers, your teeth will seem straighter, and it will be easy to uphold excellent oral hygiene, as well as avoid cavities.

  •         Fill The Void

Besides the aesthetic advantages, you might profit from veneers if you have spaces between your teeth. If your teeth are irregularly spaced, for instance, dental veneers can help you bridge the gaps for a more attractive smile.

However, the advantages are not merely cosmetic. Food might get caught between improperly spaced teeth, rendering them more difficult to maintain clean. As a result, you could develop tooth decay or gum disease because of plaque and tartar accumulation. Veneers fill up the gaps between your teeth, making it easier to floss and brush your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

  •         Strengthen Weak Teeth

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, veneers could offer additional reinforcement; thus, making the tooth stronger. As a result, it could prevent you from requiring a full-coverage crown or further harming your tooth when you bite down on something hard. Porcelain veneers are thin but sturdy, and they are well tolerated by your gum tissue.

  •         Avoid Further Deterioration of The Enamel

The tooth’s enamel is the resistant outer layer subjected to biological fluids, food, and other substances that might cause erosion. Once your enamel wears, you might notice discoloration, tooth sensitivity, and heightened tooth decay.

Veneers can help safeguard teeth with damaged enamel and prevent further decay or wear. Furthermore, veneers provide a protective coating to support the tooth; hence, assisting your teeth become less sensitive to cold and hot beverages and meals.

Your smile is certainly worth investing in because it is one of the most vital aspects of a good initial impression. Veneers might appeal to you because of their aesthetic value. However, if you have any of the abovementioned oral concerns, veneers might be a solution to keep your gums and teeth healthy in the foreseeable future. To learn more, contact Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center over the phone or schedule an initial consultation online.