Your Unique Nature Deserves Unique Treatment

A female body has a complex reaction towards change, reproduction, and the environment of a male body. Ideal Gynaecology, LLC, is among the top institutions with highly trained specialists who work tirelessly to ensure your reproductive health is in check. Their gynecological services cover all sectors, including birth control, infertility, heavy bleeding, fibroids, polycystic ovary syndrome, abnormal pap smears, and endometriosis in McDonough, Sandy Springs, Midtown, Alpharetta, Covington, Stockbridge, and other parts of Georgia. Below is a closer view of two of these exceptional services.

Birth Control

Birth control defines the arrangement to have a pregnancy at the time that suits you the most. With this control, it is easy for you to put things in order in preparation for the time you will be ready for a child. Some of the birth control measures normally advised at Ideal Gynaecology, LLC, include control pills, intrauterine device (UDI), NuvaRing, Nexplanon, and barrier controls like condoms. 

Birth control pills work in preventing conception by preventing you from ovulation. They also have other advantages like preventing ovarian cysts, lowering the pain levels during your monthly periods, and reducing bleeding during menstruation. You may experience some side effects of the pills within the first one or two months. These side effects include bloating, irregular bleeding, nausea, and headache. 

NuvaRing is a temporary method to fit a medical ring in your uterus for three weeks before your periods. Afterward, you will put on a new one when your periods are over. Nexplanon is an implanted rod on the arm that prevents conception for three years. An intrauterine device prevents the formation of the uterine wall for an average of three years. Depending on what you need, the doctor will guide you on the right method to follow at the facility.

Heavy Bleeding

Menstrual bleeding is considered heavy when you have to change your pads or tampons within two hours or less, when your periods take more than seven days, and when you have blood clots in your blood that are larger than the size of a quarter. Many conditions can cause heavy bleeding, and it is thus advisable to check in with your gynecologist immediately. Some of the causes include hormonal imbalances, cervical cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, and uterine cancer. 

Your specialist will offer a personalized diagnosis before developing a treatment plan to eliminate the causative agent. However, you have to be careful because some treatments can potentially induce infertility, such as endometrial ablation. Therefore, ensure that you only choose the best gynecology center to eliminate the chances of complications.

Any condition affecting you as a woman should never be handled in a one-size-fits-all manner. Your body will always respond to stimuli or other agents uniquely and thus must be treated in a personalized manner. At Ideal Gynaecology, LLC, the highly experienced specialists understand this and combine personalization with care and years of training to offer you the best services. Do not hesitate to call or visit Ideal Gynaecology, LLC today.