What You Should Know About Silver Diamine Fluoride

Tooth cavity is a common problem, especially among children and teenagers. Although drilling and filling are popular treatments for the condition, they are not the only solution. Silver diamine fluoride is an effective way of fighting back and winning against tooth cavities. The Silver Diamine Fluoride Perris specialists offer the treatment to help prevent the formation, development, and spread of cavities. Therefore, the treatment not only provides a solution to your problem but also is an alternative to prevent further deterioration from the decay. Here is more information about the treatment to help you understand it better.

What is it?

Generally, silver diamine fluoride is an antibiotic liquid consisting of silver, fluoride, ammonia, and water. These minerals help avoid the establishment, development, or spreading of cavities. The silver will kill bacteria and strengthen your dentin, the protective layer in your teeth. The fluoride will promote your teeth to rebuild through remineralization. Ammonia will keep the solution concentration, and the water acts as the liquid base in the solution. Silver diamine fluoride has been tested and approved in the United States by the FDA since 2014.

What Silver Diamine Fluoride Do

Generally, silver diamine fluoride is for managing teeth cavities. As mentioned earlier, every mineral component in the solution has a specific role that combines for the overall task making the treatment an excellent way to stop cavity formation and development. The therapy helps you overcome dental anxiety if you are afraid of traditional drilling. Also, it is a good idea for those with special healthcare needs that do not allow drilling.

How Silver Diamine Fluoride is Applied

First, you should schedule a consultation appointment with your dentist to understand if you can benefit from the silver diamine fluoride treatment. Once your dentist approves the therapy is safe for you or your children, they will design a treatment plan best suited to your needs. On your appointment day, your doctor will clean and dry the teeth. They will apply a drop of silver diamine fluoride to the area affected by decay to stop the decay from spreading further. They will then use a tiny brush to spread the solution, left to cure for about 2 minutes.

Is it Safe?

 This is a genuine question everybody should ask themselves before seeking any treatment. Fortunately, the silver diamine fluoride treatment has been tested and approved by the FDA after finding that the treatment is effective with fewer and less severe side effects than other tooth decay treatment options. It is safe for your children, and many pediatricians recommend the therapy for those with painful early childhood cavities.

The Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment

Silver diamine fluoride treatment has numerous benefits that cannot be exhausted here. It is painless and noninvasive, meaning fewer risks and complications are expected. The process is also simple and quick; you do not have to worry about staying too long at the clinic if you have a dental phobia. It is also effective in preventing and halting tooth cavities and preventing further complications.

If your child is experiencing tooth cavities, there is a way to save their teeth for the long term. Reach out to Dental Kidz Club silver diamine fluoride specialists today for help. Book your appointment online or through a call to know if your child can gain from the treatment.