Why You Might Need to Meet Your Doctor Between Regular Appointments

Visiting your doctor’s office might not necessarily mean you are sick. It is crucial to see your doctor more often to ensure optimal health, even without particular symptoms. You can schedule a physical exam in Fort Worth, which allows your provider to evaluate your overall well-being and detect any complications. Such visits are crucial, especially if your risks for specific complications are higher. Certain factors can also necessitate a visit to the clinic even before your annual exam appointment. Learn more below.

Your Symptoms Have Changed

If your symptoms have changed since you last visited your doctor, you must schedule another visit to understand why. You might have had some signs that your doctor diagnosed during your annual exam that were not alarming at the time, but you have noticed a significant change, and you are worried. For example, you might have had a small mole on your skin, but you have seen it has increased in size. Also, if your painful condition has worsened since your last visit, it is time to book another appointment.

A Follow-up Appointment

Depending on your annual physical exam findings, your doctor might recommend follow-ups for further evaluation. You might have a chronic condition you are managing through medications, and your provider might want to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.  Ensure you attend all the follow-up appointments to ensure you are recovering well and your treatment is effective. Your provider will be able to evaluate if your condition has improved or worsened.

Go for Screening

Some health complications require regular screenings, which can happen between your annual visits. Your doctor will help you understand if you need to be screened for diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer during your annual physical exam. If you are exposed to any factors that could change your condition over time, please ensure you go for screening as often as possible. Also, talk to your doctor about tests and exams you might need before your next annual exam.  

New Symptoms Emerge

If you have been under treatment for certain complications, but you witness new symptoms, it is time you book an appointment with your doctor. No matter how strictly you follow your doctor’s guidelines on prescription medication and other treatments, your symptoms could worsen, and you need to see your doctor immediately. Your provider might need to carry additional tests to understand your issue. Ensure you talk to your doctor about your allergies and other complications that could affect your treatment during your initial consultation appointment to avoid future complications.

Your Medical History Has Changed

It is advisable to always look for genetic illnesses to understand your risks. When your close relative is diagnosed with specific medical issues, it would be good to pay attention as they could pass it to you. It could also mean your chances to get the condition are high. Reach out to your doctor and let them know about the new development, and they will advise you accordingly. Remember, the earlier you start screening for the possible complication, the better.

Annual physical exams are critical in ensuring you remain healthy. But needs can arise between your scheduled appointments, making it necessary to visit your doctor. Reach out to Clover Internal Medicine today and learn more.