How Can You Benefit from Acupuncture?

When it comes to pain, the main concern is to soothe the discomfort. Sometimes the pain is so severe that it undermines your ability to function normally; finding the exact root of your cause is key. Some traditional techniques, such as Chinese medicine, remain effective despite advances in medical techniques.

Schaumburg acupuncture specialist Ryan Vaughn, MD at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center, offers acupuncture, among other modern treatments options, to enhance pain relief. If you have tried other pain treatment options with no success, you might want acupuncture. Schedule your consultation today to find out more.

What to know about acupuncture?

It is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves placing very thin needles at specific body points, referred to as acupoints.

This Chinese medicine works under the principle of qi, which is the life force energy. The technique believes that you are prone to diseases and health conditions when your qi is not balanced.  Acupuncture works by reinstating your balance.

Acupuncture also controls the nervous system, which triggers chemical release to manage blood pressure and flow. Hence enhances calmness by minimizing inflammation.

Many people may presume the treatment to be painful, but surprisingly it’s not. The needles are very fine; you cannot feel them. However, you might experience a throbbing pain as the needle gets to the required depth.

Usually, your Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center provider will first evaluate your condition to determine if acupuncture is the ideal treatment.

The procedure takes about 30- 40 minutes, after which you are free to resume your daily routine.

Which issues does acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture has proven to yield excellent results in addressing various health concerns, including:

  •         Menstrual cramps
  •         Neck pain
  •         Osteoarthritis
  •         Respiratory disorders
  •         Headaches
  •         Labor pain
  •         Lower back pain
  •         Dental pain
  •         Chemotherapy-induced nausea

What to expect during an acupuncture treatment?

After consultation, your provider guides you on where the treatment will occur and provides you with the necessary preparation.

Dr. Decatorsmith inserts about 5 to 20 needles on the targeted treatment area. She places the needles strategically and at different depths and leaves them for about 10 to 20 minutes. During your treatment, your provider ensures that you are comfortable.

What to expect after the acupuncture treatment?

Like many people, you can expect to feel relaxed and vitalized after the treatment. However, you might want to try other treatments when you don’t find relief.

Acupuncture provides effective benefits to many pain conditions. It also perfectly works if you are hoping it will work.

Like any other treatment, acupuncture may have a few side effects, such as minor bleeding or swelling.

It is advisable to determine if you are a good candidate for acupuncture before deciding on the treatment. The treatment may not be appropriate for people with a bleeding condition or pregnant.

Talk to an acupuncture specialist today

Other than pain conditions, health providers use acupuncture to address stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and weight loss. Dr. Decatorsmith offers compassionate and effective care for acupuncture to resolve your different health issues. Call them today to learn how you can benefit from acupuncture.