How to Relieve Headache Pain Naturally?

Did you know you can get frequent headaches from taking too many painkillers often? Unlike most people presume, you may not need to take medication every time you get a headache. The fact is some headaches only need a good rest or sleep, and you are good to go.

Having a healthy lifestyle can prevent you from having headaches as often, except for the case where you have an underlying medical condition. Phoenix Mountain View Headache & Spine Institute provides practical methods to relieve and manage headache pain. Please schedule a consultation with them today, or book your appointment online.

What are the causes of headaches?

Headaches that come and go might result from daily stress and environmental factors such as solid smells or too bright lights. Headaches may also occur due to fasting or poor posture.

Persistent headaches can occur due to different things, including existing medical conditions or genetic factors. When you do not find relief from your chronic headache using over-the-counter medications, your provider at Mountain View Headache & Spine Institute can help you find ease.

Dr. Gupta and his team provide extensive diagnoses and treatments for different headaches, such as migraines and cluster headaches.

Diagnosis for headaches?

Your provider uses different approaches to determine the exact cause of your headache, including analyzing your past medical history, daily activities, and lifestyle. He also discusses your symptoms to evaluate the extent of your pain.

The location and form of your pain are also vital, as they can help your provider find the best treatment.

More diagnostic tests, including blood tests, X-rays, or MRI, may also be appropriate to rule out the cause of your headache.

What are the available treatments for headaches?

After getting your findings, Dr. Gupta will use the results to design a personalized treatment plan. He combines a range of treatments, including modern and conservative techniques. When painkillers do not give desired results, your provider may recommend the following treatments.


It involves placing fine needles at strategic places in your body to reduce pressure and stress that may be causing the headache.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle modifications such as instilling more exercise and taking more nutritious diets may help prevent headaches.

Stress management techniques

Among other stress management methods, breathing techniques can minimize your headache occurrences.

Occipital nerve blocks

This technique involves delivering pain medications to the occipital nerves found at the base of your neck. A problem with occipital nerves may lead to headaches and migraines.

Prescription medication

Your provider may add medication prescriptions to your conservative therapies to provide practical results.

Ketamine infusion therapy may also serve as a headache or migraine treatment for more improved results.

Identifying your headache trigger and avoiding it can help prevent headaches. It would also be best to ensure you get enough sleep and drink more water.

Contact a headache specialist today

Headaches are more common than you know, affecting about half of the entire world’s population. Not all headaches require taking medications; reducing your stress levels, getting enough sleep, and taking a break can keep the headaches away.

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