How To Take Care After Tooth Extraction To Get Relief From Pain and Heal Properly?

There could be several reasons when you might need to get your tooth extracted. It could be because a tooth is decayed and is affecting the adjacent tooth. Tooth extraction is also carried out in case of overcrowding to make space in the mouth for a healthy smile. 

If you have recently gone through the tooth extraction procedure then you must take care of it properly to get relief from pain and also allow it to heal properly. For tooth extraction Cypress TX, your dentist will perform a regular checkup and may request another visit to complete the extraction procedure. While this procedure is very quick, your dentist might suggest you go for sedation so that the process becomes painless for you. 

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If you had a wisdom tooth removal Cypress TX or a normal tooth extraction, it needs proper aftercare for good healing. There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow post the procedure


  • Take rest and don’t exert the area especially during the first 24 hours. Try to keep your head in an upright position to aid speedy recovery
  • Allow the extraction site to clot by keeping a gauze for at least 1 hour. The clot acts as a barrier for the site
  • Drink water but not during the first 45 minutes and avoid using a straw as the suction will dislodge the clot leading to a dry socket
  • You might experience some swelling around the extraction area later. Apply an ice pack on the sides of your face to reduce swelling.


  • Avoid drinking, talking, or eating immediately after tooth extraction as it takes time for the blood to clot
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol at least for 48 hours after the surgery as this can dislodge the blood clot
  • Don’t eat solid foods that are spicy, chewy, or crunchy, and avoid food that contains grains and seeds. This might irritate the extraction area
  • Eat soft food like mashed potato, soup, or scrambled eggs but try to avoid too hot or too cold food items
  • Don’t poke the extraction site with your tongue, finger, or a toothpick as it can destroy the clot formation and may increase bleeding.

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