Varicose And Spider Veins Are Problems No Longer With Modern Treatments

When it comes to the vascular system there are quite a lot of dangerous conditions which can cause serious issues to the body. Varicose and spider veins tend to be the most common ones today, and while in the past, there were no options when it came to treatments of these conditions, today, trained vascular surgeons can easily come to your aid.

Symptoms and treatments of varicose veins

Detecting varicose veins is quite easy, as they are most likely going to be quite visible. Varicose veins are veins which tend to end up bloated and twisted compared to normal veins, and they usually appear in legs, mostly behind the knees. They are quite a common condition, and they mostly occur in patients that spend a lot of time standing every day.

You can find various treatments for varicose veins at, or you can consult with a doctor at your local clinic instead, however, we are going to talk about endovenous ablation, as that is the most common one.

Endovenous ablation uses heat which is caused by a catheter or a probe that is inserted into the vein. The source of heat can either be radiofrequencies or a laser, depending on the doctor’s choice. The goal of the procedure is to seal the vein by burning it, which will stop it from getting filled with blood, thus it will stop getting bigger, and it will also prevent swelling and pain that it causes.


Endovenous ablation in progress

Treatment of spider veins

When it comes to spider veins, the symptoms are quite obvious, as the major symptom that this condition has is the reason why it is called like that, and that is that veins are visible on the skin in a form of a spider web.

Doctors claim that this is quite a harmless condition, however, it can be quite disturbing for some patients visually, which can cause them to feel uncomfortable and in some cases this even leads to depression.

The treatment for spider veins is rather simple, as it involves injecting a special liquid into the veins called sclerosant. A tiny needle is used for this procedure, so you should not feel any discomfort, and once the liquid is injected, it will turn into a foam consistency that causes the blood in the vein to be ejected into a different vein, causing the selected vein to become completely shut.

You can find more information about this procedure if you visit where you can also consult with a doctor online, or you can visit a local clinic and have a consultation in person instead.


Experienced doctors will always help their patients

Final word

Taking care of your health is very important, and even if you do not suspect that something is wrong with you, a regular checkup with your doctor can never do any harm. By making sure you are healthy, you will have a more positive attitude not only with yourself, but with the others around you as well.