Why is My Dentist Suggesting a Root Canal?

Sometimes it can be confusing as to why your dentist is suggesting a root canal, but more often than not, they’re right. The idea of a root canal can be scary, some people have a real fear of the dentist, and when you’re afraid of getting dental work done, you’ll avoid it at all costs. Getting dental care handled, though, can be an incredibly important thing, as, without it, your teeth will likely decay more, and bacteria will build up quickly. How do you know you need a root canal, though? What does getting a root canal look like? Are they unsightly? We’re going to take a look at exactly what you should expect if you’re looking to get a root canal.

Needing a Root Canal

If you need a root canal, you’ve usually been in quite a lot of tooth pain before your doctor suggests it. Needing a root canal is specifically due to the need to replace one of your teeth quickly. A root canal allows for your tooth to be artificially reconstructed, and performing one should be painless and shouldn’t take too long to do. Dentists perform root canals all the time and are well versed in how to handle them, so if your dentist says you need one, you can be you likely do it.

Steps for Root Canals

The steps to take for a root canal are simple and straightforward though they can sound a little scary. Firstly your dentist is going to prep the area and make sure you’re incredibly numb; this will keep you from being able to feel the procedure. From there, they’ll be able to start grinding down the tooth that needs to be removed. Afterward, they’re going to take a small needle-like device and fish any remaining pieces of the root of your tooth out. You won’t be able to feel any of that either. Next, your dentist will start filling the space where your tooth’s roots were and, from there, will place a peg in the spot where your tooth was. Afterward, they’ll mount a tooth to that peg, and you’ll be done!

Are Root Canals Unsightly?

Root canals aren’t unsightly at all; on the contrary, they make your teeth and your mouth look much better than they did before. The hard work that goes into a root canal helps you restore your smile, giving you a better, brighter smile with just a little time and hard work. The hardest parts of getting a root canal are getting numbed and staying still.

Though root canals can be scary, finding and great root canal dentist can be amazing. Root canals have a bad history because some people have had providers that were careless or insensitive, but at Boise Family Dental Care, we take the time to make sure that you get all the care and attention that you need. So if you think you might need a root canal sometime soon, feel free to reach out to set up an appointment.