Therapy Recommendations at Home

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A few at-home treatments can be useful for ankle joint strains. If it’s a little aching yet you can still stroll, then attempt these at-home solutions to speed up recuperation.


These Sprained Ankle Treatment [รักษา ข้อ เท้า พลิก, which is the term in Thai] suggestions for strains are usually:


  • Rest: As hard as it is to remain off your feet, remainder, as well as leisure are necessary to assist the ankle recovery. Clear your timetable, keep away from the sports area, and devote a few days so you can remain on the sofa. Decrease walking as long as feasible. If you require to move, attempt to utilize props to avoid putting weight on the foot.
  • Ice: Lower the swelling by using ice packs to the injury. See to it to utilize a hand towel to secure your skin from the ice. This treatment needs to be utilized a number of times a day with ice applications enduring between 15 as well as 20 minutes each.
  • Compression: Another means to lower swelling is by covering the injury. Utilize ankle support or an ace plaster to support the ankle. Be careful to stay clear of wrapping it too tight.
  • Elevation: Maintaining your ankle above your heart level can aid with swelling. Elevate the damaged foot by propping it on a pillow when you are sitting on the sofa or lying in bed. If you require to sit at a computer for a job, prop the foot upon an added chair.


If the pain is difficult to manage, you might take over-the-counter drugs. Several of these nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can likewise aid with swelling monitoring.


Sprained Ankle Joint Recuperation Time


The length of time does Sprained Ankle Treatment [รักษา ข้อ เท้า พลิก, which is the term in Thai] take to recover? Recovery time depends upon the intensity of your injury as well as your commitment to remainder, recuperation, and therapy. Following the tips noted above will speed up your recovery time.


Grade one strains generally recover within 2 to 4 weeks. Quality 2 sprains can take as long as 6 to 8 weeks for recuperation. Quality 3 injuries commonly need a surgical procedure, which suggests that recovery time can be anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months.